Homemade Fruit Cups


Healthy Summer Snack for Kids

Homemade fruit cups are a delicious medley of fresh fruits, soaked in coconut water and topped with chia seeds. Reach for this healthy snack the next time the kids are craving something sweet!

Here is why you'll love these Homemade Fruit Cups:

Better than Store Bought choose fresh, in-season fruits and avoid  added sugars or preservatives Customizable.  If your child prefer certain fruits over others, adjust the recipe accordingly.


Mango  Strawberries  Kiwi fruit  Pineapple  Chia seeds Coconut water

Thoroughly clean and dice the mango, strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple. Then evenly distribute the chopped fruit in each storage container.

Step 1:

Evenly fill the storage containers with the diced fruits. Add about ½ tsp chia seeds to each container.

Step 2:

Fill the containers with coconut water until it just covers the fruits and gently stir.

Step 3:

– Use fresh, in-season fruits  – Chop the fruits into in appropriate sizes to prevent choking hazards – Store the fruit cups in the refrigerator until ready to eat – Get creative with the fruit combinations and toppings

Pro Tips:

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Best Storage Containers for Homemade Fruit Cups

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