Toddler Gifts Ideas for Christmas

by Eat Well with Lex

It’s Time!! If you’re anything like me, the quest for the perfect toddler gift idea can be filled with excitement and anticipation. As a mom to a bubbly 2-year-old, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some fantastic items that not only bring joy to my little one but also contribute to her development.

So, here’s the scoop – I’m excited to spill the beans on some of our all-time favorite toys, experiences, educational pieces, non-toy gift ideas and even something for the little chef in the making. You’ll also find what I believe are absolute must-haves for this holiday season.

Remember, the best gifts are the ones that bring smiles and create lasting memories. Whether it’s fostering learning, encouraging play, or inspiring creativity, these toddler gift ideas have been tried, tested, and loved in our own home. Happy gifting, fellow parents, and may your toddlers’ faces light up with joy as they unwrap their surprises.

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Create magical moments this season! Explore fun-filled activities in our kids’ activity advent calendar guide.

Toys That Top Our Charts

Lovevery Wooden Block Set

Timeless play, endless creativity! Sustainable, high-quality blocks for developmental fun. Build, learn, and grow together.

Magnet Building Tiles

Explore the magic of magnetic construction! Endless creativity and learning through vibrant, versatile building tiles.

Tiny Land Wooden Dollhouse

Spark imagination with this charming, durable dollhouse. A world of creative play for little ones.

Picnic Please Felt Playset

Immerse kids in pretend picnics! Colorful, soft, and perfect for imaginative play. Let the picnicking adventures begin!

Easel for Kids

Unleash creativity! Double the fun with 2 drawing paper rolls. Sturdy, adjustable, and perfect for young artists.

Melissa & Doug Mop Set

Engaging chore play! Dust, sweep, mop set for little helpers. Encourage imaginative play with this realistic cleaning kit.

Kids Doodle Board

Endless creativity! Portable writing tablet for doodling and learning. Erasable, mess-free fun for young minds.

Beyond Toys: Non-Toy Gift Ideas


Magical audio player for kids! A screen-free, interactive experience with beloved characters, stories, and songs. Safe, fun, and easy for little ones.

The Nugget

Transformable play couch for endless kids’ creativity. Comfy, colorful, and versatile—building forts, reading nooks, or imaginative landscapes.

Tiny Land Play Tent

Spark imagination with a charming, easy-setup play space for kids. Perfect for indoor adventures and fostering creativity!

Mini Stanley Tumbler

Keep little ones hydrated with style! Kid-friendly Tumbler featuring FlowState™ technology for spill-proof sipping on the go.

Lalo Play Table + Two Chairs

Elevate playtime with this kid-sized set! Durable, colorful, and perfect for creativity and learning.

Personalized Name Puzzle with Pegs

Engaging and educational! Personalized wooden puzzle for toddlers, fostering fine motor skills and name recognition. A custom, fun gift!

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair

Comfy, stylish seating for little ones! Personalize with their name. A cozy spot for reading, playing, and relaxing.

Child Standing Tower

Safe kitchen helper! Encourage independence with this sturdy step stool, allowing kids to reach new heights and explore the culinary world.

Tiny Land 5-in-1 Pikler Triangle Set

Versatile, safe, and fun! Boosts motor skills and imagination. An active and engaging play experience for toddlers

Kids Projector Night Light

Transform bedtime! Soothing lights and whimsical projections create a magical sleep environment for sweet dreams.

Fun and Educational

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzles

Educational fun! Self-correcting wooden puzzles for little learners, building letter recognition and early literacy skills.

Wooden Shape & Color Sorter

Fun and educational! Encourage color and shape recognition and fine motor skills with this engaging toy. Perfect for little learners.

Learning Flash Cards

Interactive learning for toddlers! Explore objects, numbers to enhance early vocabulary. Educational fun on the go!

Safe Finger Paints

Non-toxic, washable fun! Spark creativity with this toddler-friendly finger painting set. Mess-free and vibrant for artistic play.

Magnetic Alphabet Maze

Educational and fun! Explore letters and develop fine motor skills with this engaging magnetic maze board.

Chuckle & Roar Learning Puzzle

Fun meets education! Engage young minds with this interactive puzzle, promoting learning through play.

Toddler Busy Book

Hours of fun and learning! Packed with activities to engage and stimulate young minds.

Wooden Peg Puzzles

Educational playtime! Alphabet, number, animals, food, and shapes puzzles with a convenient storage rack. Engage toddlers in learning through colorful, fun challenges.

Gifts for Little Girls

See and Store Dress-up Center

Organize outfits in style! A kid-friendly closet for imaginative play. Easy access, inspiring creativity.

Kids Camera

Child-friendly camera for budding photographers. Capture moments, explore the world, and spark imagination

Toddler Balance Bike

Develop motor skills and balance with this fun, pedal-free ride for little ones. A fun start to their biking journey.

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair

Comfy, stylish seating for little ones! Personalize with their name. A cozy spot for reading, playing, and relaxing.

Mini Bailey Bow II Boot

Adorable and cozy! Elevate little ones’ style with these iconic boots, featuring a sweet bow detail. Fashionable comfort for tiny feet.

Disney Princess Pink Tea Set

Brew enchanting tea parties! Pretty play set with favorite characters, fostering imagination in every pour.

Our Generation Riya Fashion Doll

8 inches of style and fun! Endless adventures await with Riya, the perfect companion for imaginative play.

Our Generation Palomino Horse 

Majestic and ready for adventure! A perfect companion for Our Generation dolls.

Kids’ Karaoke Microphone

Unleash the star within! Portable, fun, and perfect for budding performers. Sing along to favorite tunes with this musical toy.

Little Chef in the Making

Toddler Knife Set

Safe culinary adventures! Introduce young chefs to cooking with child-friendly knives, fostering kitchen skills in a secure way.

Melissa & Doug Cake Mixer Set

Whisk up creativity! Wooden play set for aspiring bakers. Imaginative fun with mix-and-match ingredients.

Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Counter

Scoop, stack, and serve! Wooden play set for imaginative ice cream adventures. Creative, delicious fun for kids.

Melissa & Doug Pots and Pans

Mini chefs in action! Durable stainless steel playset for imaginative cooking. A recipe for endless kitchen adventures.

Janod Wooden Pasta Playset

Cook up fun! Imaginative play with durable, wooden pasta pieces for aspiring little chefs. Creative kitchen adventures await.

Kids Chef Apron

Dress for culinary success! Adorable and durable apron for little chefs. Encourage creativity in the kitchen with this fun accessory.

Wooden Smoothie Maker Set

Blend up fun! Imaginative play with a pretend blender, encouraging creativity and healthy pretend play for little ones.

Wooden Play Food

Satisfy little appetites! Imaginative play with realistic, durable wooden food items. Perfect for pretend kitchen adventures.

Bake Wooden Cookie Set

Sweet imagination! Delightful play food for little bakers. Encourage creativity with this charming and durable wooden cookie set.

Mini Foodie Kids Gift Set

Image from Crate&Kids

Elevate playtime with this charming culinary collection. Durable and adorable play food items spark creativity, encouraging little chefs to explore a world of imaginative cooking. Perfect for interactive, educational play and fostering a love for food exploration in the kitchen. The includes:

  • Janod Cooker Reverso, a versatile play set featuring a kitchen and pantry/washing machine.
  • Jr. Chef Hat, Coat, Apron
  • Tableware, Pots/Pans Sets
  • “A Taste of the World” Book

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